The Cross Has Set Me Free By Angela M
Verse 1
Leaving behind the riches of glory
You took on flesh, to walk this earth
It was all part of a grander story
Your perfect life

You bore my shame
You took the pain for me
Nailed and abandoned
On that rugged tree

You breathed your last
But then you rose again
You said “It is finished”
Now I believe

The Cross has set me free
The Cross has set me free

Verse 2
Oh on that cross, it was my weight you carried
All my failures, all my mistakes
And when you died, all my sin was buried
Then, raised to life,
You showed me the light


There’s nothing I could do
Jesus, you’ve done it all for me
Lord, I believe this truth
That in your work I am redeemed

Not by my righteousness
But by your blood alone
Oh God, who gives me breath,
For sinners you atone

*Chorus x2*